Home Learning

Thankfully, at present we are able to operate the school as normal. However, we will keep this page 'on ice' just in case we need to revert to home learning.

During lockdown, pupils - depending on their age - will be either working on their packs or enjoying live lessons on Microsoft Teams. On this page we'll be sharing content more publicly - everyone is welcome to explore and use this material!

Blanchelande TV
Please visit our YouTube Channel for a growing collection of video learning resources.

To join in with our #blanchelandeheroes activities, first download our Hero's Journey Resource Pack, then download each chapter below to create your own adventure.

We will be posting a new chapter every other day, beginning with Chapter One on the 25th March.

Blanchelande Hero's Journey Chapter One: The Ordinary World

Blanchelande Hero's Journey Chapter Two: The Call to Adventure

Blanchelande Hero's Journey Chapter Three: Meeting the Mentor

Blanchelande Hero's Journey Chapter Four: The Road

Blanchelande Hero's Journey Chapter Five: The Dragon

Blanchelande Hero's Journey Chapter Six: The Hoard

Blanchelande Hero's Journey Chapter Seven: The Return

Simply download and print the PDFs, and don't forget to post them on your Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #blanchelandeheroes

Prayers during the coronavirus crisis
For some prayers to say during school closure, click here.

Mental well-being resources
Here and here.

Click here for current guidance on school closure.

Enrichment Pack

Infant remote learning provision

Letter to parents (Sunday 24th January): click here


Senior College Letter to parents (Sunday 24th January): click here

States of Guernsey press release (Tuesday, 26th January): click here.

For ergonomic advice on setting up a work station from home, click here.

Lockdown activities for half-term

25 Brilliantly Simple Lockdown Activities for Kids: click here

Lockdown Ideas: 50 indoor activities for autumn and winter: click here