Learning support

Blanchelande's Learning Support department is a resource for all pupils to draw upon to assist them with their academic progress and a place where they will be understood and supported.

Blanchelande is very proud of its reputation for being a caring school.  We are committed to ensuring a welcoming and respectful environment in which pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities receive the support they need to access the mainstream curriculum.


Blanchelande is a school where pupils should experience success.  We aim to meet the individual needs of all our children irrespective of whether they have physical, sensory, emotional, behavioural, specific or general learning needs.  By doing this effectively we aim to increase the self-esteem of each individual child and ensure that they achieve their full potential.  Children who are academically gifted are also recognised as having particular needs to fulfil their potential.


All staff at Blanchelande have a responsibility to provide for children with special educational needs.  The co-ordination of that provision and specialist teaching of some children is undertaken by the Learning Support Department.  (The Head of the Learning Support Department is Miss Kelly Fay.)  


Learning Support includes the identification, assessment and monitoring of the needs of individual pupils.  We involve parents, teachers, learning support staff, outside agencies (where appropriate) and children about the provision so that the opinion of all these people can be considered before action is taken.


The Learning Support Department also supports all teaching staff to ensure that they are kept informed about the special educational needs of pupils and suitable classroom strategies to support those needs, so that they can provide high quality, well differentiated teaching.

Kelly Fay

Pastoral Manager (Primary), Head of Learning Support (SENCO) & Teacher of English

[email protected]

Nicole Petit

Learning Support Assistant & Duke of Edinburgh Award Coordinator

[email protected]