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Data protection

Privacy notice

We collect and hold personal information relating to our pupils, their families and our staff. We may also receive information about pupils from their previous school, and/or the Committee for Education, Sport and Culture. This privacy notice deals with information about pupils and their families.

We use personal data about our pupils to:

The information we use may include their contact details, assessment results, attendance information, behavioural information, disciplinary and exclusion information, information about which educational establishments they have come from or go to and information about personal characteristics such as their religious beliefs or ethnic group, information about any relevant family circumstances, as well as any special educational needs or relevant medical information.

Personal information can also include photographs and/or video or audio recordings of our pupils. These will be used for the purposes outlined above and in addition we may use them to promote the College in marketing and advertisement materials (including both printed and electronic formats).

We will not give information about our pupils to anyone without your consent unless the law and our policies allow us to do so. If you want to receive a copy of the information about your son/daughter that we hold, or if you have any concerns over the nature and use of information, please contact the Principal's office.