Admissions and fees

Our entrance assessments

Blanchelande educates children with a broad range of academic abilities, and we are equally proud of children who persevere with additional educational needs as with students who achieve the highest results. Our school culture ensures that every student receives the support and stretch that they need to flourish, and that students are aware that we have all been given different gifts. This approach is infused with the Hero's Journey, in which every pupil is hero of their own grand narrative of academic and personal development.

If a pupil comes for a taster day in our Infant department or Junior school, their academic level will be assessed through the work that they do in the classroom, or - in the Upper Juniors (Year 5-6) they may sit a short Maths and English assessment with the Registrar, Mrs Hollowell. We try to keep it as natural, reassuring and positive as possible. The most important thing is that the taster day child feels that the Blanchelande environment is somewhere they will feel comfortable and happy. 

Pupils applying for a place in Year 7 take a more formal assessment in English and Maths. 

For a sample English paper, click here.

For Maths, pupils should expect the following content: