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At Blanchelande we know that our children are among the most materially fortunate in the world, and so, as well as gratitude for what we have, we seek to foster an outward-looking compassion for others.

As a Catholic school, we also acknowledge that material goods are not the only - or truest - form of wealth, and therefore we seek to alleviate spiritual and emotional poverty as well, remembering Christ's words that, 'when you did it to one of the least of my brethren here, you did it to me'.


I remember in primary school, Tumaini Fund volunteers coming to talk to us in assemblies. Visitors coming into school was all extremely exciting to a six-year-old, and so, it was something I looked forward to. Although I do not remember when I first began to pay attention to these assemblies, I do remember the first feeling of shock I experienced, whilst listening to the stories of the orphans in Tanzania. I began to compare myself to these children, who lived very far away, and it was not the differences between us that struck me, it was our similarities.

I think growing up exposed to adverts of children suffering due to famine, drought and war created a barrier between myself, and those I looked up at on the TV, and so I detached myself from them and pitied them. But Tumaini’s talks made me realise, that these children were just like me, and loved the things that I did. As a child, I loved going to school and learning, colouring, and playing with my friends... as did the children that Tumaini supported. The photographs of their happiness brought me happiness, and the pictures of children wearing the school jumpers, that we had donated to them a few months prior, made me feel as though I had made a difference.

But Tanzania is still one of the poorest countries in the world (as measured by most poverty indices). There are still an estimated 100,000 orphans in Karega and 1 in 3 mothers deliver babies who are HIV positive. A subsistence farmer will earn (in the region of) £55 each year, with which to support 6-8 family members. Aid to alleviate their suffering is still needed. All Tumaini’s funds raised will go to those suffering in Tanzania to help provide countless beneficial services, such as education, clean water, and sustainable living.

Tumaini is a beautiful charity, started here in Guernsey, and there is so much we can do to help, as a school, and as an island.

Caitlin Jones (Head Girl)





Ben Stark (Head Boy)





Will and Zoe (Blanchelande College Head Boy and Head Girl) have chosen two charities to support, one international and one local charity. We have decided to support Guernsey aid as our international and Safer Guernsey as our local charity. We have set an ambitious target of £5000; this will be split equally.

Guernsey aid is a newly founded charity which aims to support underdeveloped countries, particularly Cambodia and Nepal. We will be using funds raised to purchase lifesaving water filters in Cambodia, each water filter costs around £70 pounds, these are incredibly long lasting and prevent unnecessary mortality due to diarrhoeal disease. We have also decided to support school project in Nepal. Bani Bilas school was destroyed in the Nepal earthquakes, despite the fact the school has been rebuilt, it needs its resources such as library books.

Safer Guernsey is a charity which supports adults and children who are victims of domestic abuse here in Guernsey. Any money raised will make a huge difference as it is a small charity (and sometimes overlooked), but they do crucial work. Funds would be used to pay for urgent medical appointments for victims, locating safe places for victims to stay and getting any help they may require. They have a few members of staff who work specifically with children - which is why I chose this charity - and as they receive more money from us and other donations, they can increase their staff numbers, which in turn means they can support more children over here. Their 24/7 helpline number is: +44 (0) 1481 721999.

Blanchelande College Charities Campaign 2020/2021 - Guernsey Aid and Safer Guernsey - JustGiving


We have had two Mary's Meals campaigns; in Lent 2019, and in Lent 2021. These campaigns have raised over £18,000! Mary's Meals is a wonderful charity, based on the simple concept that just £15.90 can feed a child with a daily school meal for an entire year. Based on this, Blanchelande has fed 1,488 children with a daily meal!

To learn more about this charity, watch the great 'Love Reaches Everywhere' video here.

For our 2021 donation page, click here.