Primary Sports Day – Thursday 10 June 2021

All 170 Primary children were involved in an exciting afternoon of sports, beginning with a carousel of events supervised by senior school students and some recent alumni who came back to assist.

The day’s programme can be downloaded here.

The carousel included dribbling between cones…

…throwing a ball into a container from ten yards…

…an obstacle course…

… throwing the javellin…

… the nailbiting beanbag into hoop throwing round…

… and the hurdles…

Senior students assisted staff with running the carousel events, encouraging their younger peers and giving them clear instructions. Definitely good material for the service section of the Senior Diploma!

There was a vibrant and fun sense of competition evident among all the children as the big day that they had been training for finally arrived.

The carousel activities were followed by the excitement of the sprint and shuttle races.

There were some brilliant Infant races!

The Junior races were gritty with some very impressive performances!

For the first time in Primary, we recorded the times of the races, meaning that in every one this year the winner is the school record holder!

We are looking forward to seeing how long these records stand in the 40m, 50m, 60m and 80m sprints.

There was great joy for those who reached the podium.

The afternoon ended with the inter-house relay races, with some brilliant running by tired legs!

The best competitor (for encouragement and commitment throughout the day) went to a pupil who has never let a pair of crutches hold her back!

Huge congratulations to all the children for their wonderful sportsmanship and for giving 100%, and well done also to the Primary staff and PE department for putting on such a great event.