Pastoral Care


Being safe online, whether at home or at school, is a central part of our pastoral strategy.

Technology can support and enhance learning, and the internet can be an effective tool for learning, collaborating and communicating. Parents and teaching staff play a pivotal role in helping young people to understand the online world, recognise risks and stay safe online.

We need to show pupils:

Keeping our pupils safe online

Blanchelande promotes e-safety and cyberbullying and radicalisation awareness through PSHE and ICT lessons, and through assemblies.

How parents can help

All parents know that the internet is a major forum for children to learn, play, socialise and express themselves. It is a highly creative place of amazing opportunities. But this technology brings with it real dangers that parents and children must actively avoid, such as bullying, contact from strangers or the possibility of them seeing illegal or inappropriate content.

The following checklist may help you decrease online risks.  Here are some conversation starter ideas from Childnet.

Further information and resources

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