Science Day – Friday 11 June 2021

Infant Science Day

Our Infants loved being immersed in the world of scientific experimentation! The focus was on hands-on, practical science, with children involved in several experiments as they experienced becoming mini-scientists.

Awe and wonder levels were noticably high. Exclamations of ‘Wow!’, Screeches of ‘Look at this!’, and giggles of ‘Oh, help!’ were heard frequently throughout the day.

The children predicted, tested, and evaluated; they discovered what happens when acids and alkalis mix and which sweets float and sink.

The children grew rainbows and mixed secondary colours from primary colours.

And they made beautiful smelling potions!

Finally, they made beautiful patterns from sweet colour runs.

A brilliant day.

Junior Science Day

The Juniors developed an amazing variety of different skills during Science day! Based around the theme of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the tasks were:

  1. Marshmallow towers – the challenge was to build a sturdy tower of at least 1m which could hold a tennis ball.

  2. Comparison of Jelly sweets stretch-ability – this challenge, based on forces, was to see which sweet could hold the most weight before snapping. The pressure was on.

  3. Sinking and floating sweets – here, students predicted which sweets would sink or float in different liquids.

Working as a team to solve problems was vital when constructing the spaghetti and marshmallow towers.

Even when the tower did not do what they expected, the groups had to find another way and keep going!

Good communication was important so everyone could contribute and help the group find a solution to over come the forces at play.

Senior Science Day

Pupils of Years 7, 8, 9 & 10 were inspired by our range of guest speakers who gave an expert insight into how Science is integral to their professions. 

There were some interesting facts, figures and information given by each one about water treatment, waste management, pathology, and cybercrime. There were also many excellent questions from the students about what happens in each sector.

The four guest speakers were: 

  • Jason Jehan – Water Quality Analyst, Guernsey Water 
  • Ben Henry – Guernsey Waste management 
  • Rachel Norman – Head of Cellular Pathology 
  • PC Matt France – Cybercrime unit, Guernsey Police 

We are very grateful for each giving their time. There will be a hands-on immersion day in the Autumn for seniors.