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The motto of Blanchelande College is ‘Semper Fidelis’ meaning ‘Always Faithful’.


Ethos & Pastoral Care

The motto of Blanchelande College is ‘Semper Fidelis’ meaning ‘Always Faithful’.


Our mission

Blanchelande College, as a Catholic school, seeks to be a family always faithful to the example of Our Lord Jesus Christ, learning to become all that God wants us to be.


Our Aims

  1. That the Blanchelande family experiences a safe environment where each young person flourishes.
  2. That, by fostering their gifts and talents, each pupil develops their personal vocation.
  3. That the intellectual life of inquiry is directed by the search for truth, beauty and goodness.
  4. That pupils learn to communicate with accuracy, logic and style.
  5. That pupils engage in service and charity, helping others and preserving God’s creation.
  6. That pupils extend their cultural horizons and have opportunities to experience and participate in the arts.
  7. That pupils nurture their health, growing in endeavour and enjoyment of true leisure.


Three Rules for Life

  1. Use your talents to pursue what is good.
  2. Treat other people as you would like them to treat you.
  3. Be tolerant and open to respectful debate.

‘Lord, help me to grow into the person you have made me to become.’

The quality of the pupils’ personal development is excellent throughout the school. Their moral development is outstanding. They are polite and courteous, showing respect for their peers and teachers. The quality of pastoral care is excellent throughout the school. Personal relationships between pupils and between staff and pupils are excellent. The school has an exceptionally friendly atmosphere; pupils describe it as a happy family
ISI inspection report, 2015

Our vision for students

The mission of the College is help pupils develop and use their individual gifts in loving and responsible service of God and neighbour.


Pastoral vision and policies

At Blanchelande pastoral care is focused on formation of the whole person – academic, personal and social –through the curriculum and the relationships that make up the school community. Policies and procedures – such as the Behaviour and Anti-bullying policies – are reviewed regularly to ensure the all-round flourishing of each individual pupil is at the heart of a Blanchelande education. At the heart of our pastoral care is the Pastoral Team – Mr Tabel (Head of Pastoral Care and Designated Safeguarding Lead), Miss Fay (Deputy Head of Pastoral Care and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead) and Mrs Masterton (Pastoral Mentor). The Pastoral Office is staffed throughout the school day and is open to any student needing support.


The form system

Each pupil belongs to a form and the Form Tutor is the first point of contact for pupil and parents with any queries of concerns. Pupils spend time with their Form Tutor several times a week in form time, with the opportunity to discuss academic and non-academic issues. Phase Leaders provide forms with personal development material to cover in form time. Form Tutors communicate closely with parents and work closely with the Pastoral team and the Head of Learning Support to ensure the flourishing of their tutees.


The house system

Pupils also belong to one of the three Houses: St Bernadette, St Theresa and St Agnes. These houses give pupils from the very beginning of their time at Blanchelande a sense of belonging and fosters a connection between pupils of the same house across all year groups. House points are awarded for excellent academic work or effort, or praiseworthy contributions to school life.


The Blanchelande family

On joining the College, each Year 7 pupil is allocated a Peer Mentor from the Upper Seniors. As well as meeting them on their Transition Days, their mentor touches base with them regularly in their first year to ensure they are settling in.


Engagement in school life

Blanchelande students have a vast array of extracurricular and enrichment activities to choose from, and young people are far likelier to enjoy school if they participate in a good range of activities. These activities foster self-confidence, motivation, responsibility and resilience, as well as adding to personal accomplishment.


Leadership and responsibility

All our pupils are also encouraged to become leaders, whether through personal initiatives – such as organising a reading group or organising a charity fundraiser – or through a formal leadership post, such as Head Boy, Head Girl, Prefect, Librarian or House Captain.