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Sixth Form Diploma

Every student at Blanchelande completes a Diploma which tracks their all-round personal development, charting a unique adventure derived from our Hero’s Journey.


Sixth Form Diploma

The Blanchelande Diploma is a unique framework for all-round personal development. Pupils set their own targets at the beginning of the year and their progress is reflected in regular report updates to parents, sitting alongside academic progress and development.

The Sixth Former’s task is to assemble the components of a self-sufficient community, in the form of an ancient city. The seven pillars of your Diploma are symbolized as follow.

The University: Academic

Academic is symbolised by the university. The university contains universal knowledge, meaning all knowledge in one institution. What field of knowledge are you delving into and are you keeping a broad mind by interacting with other students?

The Race: Physical

Physical is symbolised by the race. To thrive, every community needs its members to be healthy. An unfit community will either be defeated or succumb to illness or disease. How are you maintaining your physical health and strength?

The Hospital: Service

Service is symbolised as the hospital set up within the camp. Here those in need of medical assistance are restored to health. What service are you offering your community?

The Cathedral: Cultural

Cultural is symbolised by the cathedral where the human and the transcendent touch and the highest ideas are contemplated. What cultural activities are you part of celebrating and passing on, and do these open you up to the best that has been known and thought?

The Auditorium: Communication

Communication is symbolised by the auditorium where complex ideas are presented before an audience. How confident are you in presenting your ideas to an audience?

The Foundry: Skill

Skill is symbolized by the foundry where the cathedral‘s great bell is being forged. What skills are you developing and how do these connect to the needs of your community?

Construction Site: Work

Work is symbolised by the construction site, where new habitable spaces are created for human activity. What useful function within society are you actively considering?

The Sixth Form Diploma offers each student the opportunity to recognise, reflect on and develop their individual strengths, encouraging them to embrace challenge and step outside of their comfort zone both intellectually and physically. Engaging with the 7 pillars promotes a broad range of employability skills: creativity, independence, initiative, leadership, resourcefulness, resilience, team-work and self-belief. For those students wishing to progress onto Higher Education, the Diploma also provides them with a rich framework for crafting their Personal Statement. The aim is for the Diploma to ensure that each student leaves school feeling confident, prepared for their chosen pathway and equipped with qualities for success.