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Upper Senior Diploma

Every student at Blanchelande completes a Diploma which tracks their all-round personal development, charting a unique adventure derived from our Hero’s Journey.


Upper Senior Diploma

The Blanchelande Diploma is a unique framework for all-round personal development. Pupils set their own targets at the beginning of the year and their progress is reflected in regular report updates to parents, sitting alongside academic progress and development.

The Upper Senior’s task is to assemble the components of a self-sufficient community, in the form of a medieval castle. The seven pillars of your Diploma are symbolized as follows.

The Scriptorium: Academic

Academic is symbolised by the scriptorium where important documents are copied out for the next generation. Everyone in the castle needs what you are providing – from the cooks to the doctors. What academic gifts make you stand out?

The Tournament: Physical

Physical is symbolised by the tournament. The tournament is a showpiece of friendly rivalry where you can test your skill and strength. How are you maintaining your physical health and strength?

The Infirmary: Service

Service is symbolised as the castle infirmary. Day and night doctors and nurses ensure that the ill and injured are restored to full health. What service are you offering your community?

The Theatre: Cultural

Cultural is symbolised by the theatre, the stage where the drama of human life is acted out before an audience who learn the right emotional response to each situation. What cultural activities are you part of celebrating and passing on, and what place and use does culture have in your life and work?

The Gatehouse: Communication

Communication is symbolised by the gatehouse. This is where messengers come and go; it is the crossover between the inside world and the outside world. How are you practicing your communication skills?

The Blacksmith: Skill

Skill is symbolized by a blacksmith where vital items are forged in the heat of the furnace. What skills are you developing that will prove helpful in the future, and does practising it make you sweat?

The Stables: Work Experience

Work experience is symbolised by the stable where you begin with the simple and unglamorous tasks as you watch and learn from those with years of equine experience. What useful function within society are you actively considering?