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Students in senior years receive a well-balanced curriculum of liberal arts (academic subjects, which perfect the intellect), fine arts (which involve creating beauty), and useful arts (which aim for utility and skill).


The Journey

Lower Senior Diploma

There are seven pillars of your Diploma creating a unique framework for all-round personal development. In the Lower Seniors, these seven pillars are envisaged as an ancient encampment, a self-sufficient community.

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The Transformation

Upper Senior Diploma

Continuing into the Upper Seniors, the seven pillars of your Diploma becomes even more of an adventure; the Diploma framework continues to emphasise independence and fortification, now in the form of a medieval castle.

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Pupils in Blanchelande’s Junior School transfer automatically from Year 6 into Year 7, with no additional acceptance form required. External applicants are advised to register as early as possible as places in Year 7 are limited.

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