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Crossing The Threshold You make your decision and take your first step from the known to the unknown: a step that is exciting, hopeful and heroic. The Road of Trials and Temptations: During the early stages there will be obstacles and even temptations to take shortcuts; follow the light of truth and your inner reserves will be enkindled.

A Hero’s Journey...

An Educational Odyssey!

Take me back
Call to Adventure: You hear a call to step outside your current map; will you accept or refuse this opportunity to expand your comfort zone? Will the journey take you towards what is good, beautiful and true? The Ordinary World: Here you feel comfortable and have your bearings. But do you want to stand still here forever? Will comfort without challenge fulfil you? The Unfamiliar World: What is this brave new world of exciting possibilities? Is all wonderful, or are there dangers lurking? The Mentors: You are not alone on your journey; you can multiply your strength by trustfully turning to others for help, support and encouragement. The Ordeal: The dragon wants to block your path to the gold that it hoards; it is not happy that you have left your ordinary world! Now is the time to show unwavering determination. The Reward: By venturing forth and overcoming barriers you have gone through a transformation; now you can receive the blessings of the journey. The Journey Home: It’s a long time since you left your ordinary world and since then you have grown and developed. Will you return with a puffed up ego, expecting admiration, or will you nobly share the gold with your class, house, school, family and the wider community?