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Lower Senior Diploma

Every student at Blanchelande completes a Diploma which tracks their all-round personal development, charting a unique adventure derived from our Hero’s Journey ethos.


Lower Senior Diploma

The Blanchelande Diploma is a unique framework for all-round personal development. Pupils set their own targets at the beginning of the year and their progress is reflected in regular report updates to parents, sitting alongside academic progress and development.

The Lower Senior’s task is to assemble the components of a self-sufficient community, in the form of an ancient encampment. The seven pillars of your Diploma are symbolized as follows.

The Chronicler: Academic

Academic is symbolised by the chronicler’s tent. Every great monarch or general ensured that their achievements were written down for posterity by a chronicler, who had the rare gift of being able to write. What academic gifts make you stand out?

The Hunt: Physical

Physical is symbolised by the hunt. To thrive, every community needs its members to be healthy. An unfit community will either be defeated or succumb to illness or disease. How are you maintaining your physical health and strength?

The Field Hospital: Service

Service is symbolised as the field hospital set up within the camp. Here those in need of medical assistance are restored to health. What service are you offering your community?

The Bard: Cultural

Cultural is symbolised by the bard whose stories and songs beautifully express the community’s common story and their shared values. What cultural activities are you part of celebrating and passing on?

The Messenger: Communication

Communication is symbolised by the messenger pigeon. Using pigeons to carry messages was a method of communication used 5,000 years ago by the Egyptians. Pigeons have a highly-developed sense of orientation. How developed are your communication skills?

The Blacksmith: Skill

Skill is symbolized by a smithy where armour is made and repaired for those who are protecting the community. What skills are you developing that will prove helpful in the future?

The Kitchen: Work experience

Work experience is symbolised by the kitchen, where a team provide for the most essential physical needs of the community in the form of daily meals. What useful function within society are you actively considering?