Royal Navy visit to Blanchelande

Siobhan Plevin

I really enjoyed about how the Navy explained about all the different jobs that there were and what transport they got to go on.

The first activity that we did was to make our own flares. We did that by cutting up paper and sticking it, then we went outside put the flares on the pump and pumped it up to thirty than let it go up in the air – the highest one went so high it got stuck on the roof! Mine was called Jazzy Jeff.

The second activity that we did was all about teamwork. We had to try make a communication tower that was six feet tall. We were put into groups of four and all the groups managed to do the task. To dismantle it we had to do it with no talking or whispering.

Archie Norris 6MB

The Royal Navy came to our school this morning. Then they talked about The Royal Navy and how they protect British sea-lanes. They also help places like Afghanistan where there are terrorists. Although jobs they do are like rescuing people from natural disasters, they also talked about continuous at-sea deterrents.

After that we got sent into groups to do different activities. First 6MB got to make flares which was fun. They talked about flares and how they use flares for target practice, they are also used for when people are in trouble. They light a flare to send a signal from where they are so the Navy knows where they are, so they can get rescued. Then they told us how to make them. First, you have to roll a piece of paper round a pole and then you had to tape the paper together. After that, you had take the roll off the pole. Next, you had to cover one of the holes of the roll. After that you had to cut out the fins and the cone, next you had to make the cone and stick it onto the tube, then you had to stick the fins on then decorate it. Then we launched it. Then we made communication towers that had to free stand (ours did).

The Royal Navy visit

I really enjoyed the Royal Navy visit; it was fun, and you got to do two activities. I both enjoyed. But before we did the first activity, they told us about what they did, what each of their jobs were and they talked about what type of skills they used such as teamwork, communication, and critical thinking.

The first activity was that we had to make a flare out of paper and then decorated it however you liked. This is how we made them:

You got handed a tube and you had to wrap one sheet of paper around it and then Sellotape it, then Sellotape one of the ends shut, next you had to cut out a packman-shaped cone and stuck it on the sellotaped shut end of the tube. It was fun I would love to do it again.

Scarlett Stanford 6mb

Royal Navy
The Royal Navy visited us today. It was a really good experience. We built a communication tower. We did it with only what they gave us. They put us in teams with people we did not choose but we did our best and by the end we had built a tower and we had to unbuild it in silence. Before that. we made our own flares. Everyone worked with the person on their table. We had to wrap paper round the pole that they gave us then sellotape the end so no air could get out. Then the man had a pump and we had to pump to 30 and then press the button and then they shot up in the air. We all named our flares – I called mine SAS. They told us a lot about themselves. One of the things they do is continuous at sea deterrence. All the things that we did was fun and if we got to choose if we can do it again I would say yes.

Frankie Torode 6mb

Yr. 6 visit from royal Navy
When the royal navy visited us they told us a little bit about themselves and what they do. Not only have they taught Year 6 but they have taught nearly every class in the school. First, we were put in partners to make a flare out of paper but some people were in threes. So we rolled paper like a sausage and added wings and then decorated it with all different colours and patterns. It was fun! After that in are pairs one of us pumped the air and one of us checked for when the air was at 30 the paper would go flying in the air and three of them landed on the roof! After that we went to the lunch hall to build a 6 foot tower with poles, nuts and bolts, and all the things you need to build a tower. Everybody made it in time luckily! After, when we had to take it down we had to do it in silence which was quite hard. Best day ever! My favourite bit was building the towers.

Olivia tucker 6MB

Royal Navy
The royal navy are groups of people all over the world that protect us from things out at sea. They can also work on land and by the sea’s edge.

They protect us from pirates! I know it sounds unbelievable, but they are real. They aren’t like the ones in stories, they will say stuff like ‘this is my ship unless you give me 1,000,000 dollars’. That is what pirates are nowadays.

They built distress signals called flares. They would send it up in the air and any other boats around that could help. We built some of these today, mine was named (by me) ‘Jeffrey’ and it went so high it landed on the roof.

We also built a communication tower. It had to be 6 foot tall with a satellite on top. We had to dismantle it being quiet.

Sofia MacNab

The Royal Navy

The Royal Navy are a strong team and their teamwork is amazing. Their job is to protect the Britain around the world, including Guernsey. Here are some things that they do. Anti-Piracy, Anti-Submarine, Fishery and they also protect Britain’s sea lanes.

We did some extra fun activities today like flares and communication towers. The talked to us about their jobs and how they got millions of pounds of drugs from the Caribbean and how other people would steal their boats and have to pay them so much money to get their boat back. It was so much fun!

Ilori-Anna Ajanaku