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Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) is taught to each year group through a weekly lesson, supported by assemblies, awareness days and guest speakers.



Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) is taught to each year group through a weekly lesson, supported by assemblies, awareness days and guest speakers.

The Curriculum is designed so all students cover four strands:

  1. Health and Wellbeing
  2. Careers and preparation for living in the wider world
  3. Relationships and Sex Education
  4. Citizenship

Through these strands we provide students with opportunities to develop their character, attributes and skills.


Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

At Blanchelande, relationships and sex education is provided in partnership with parents, who are the first and best educators, especially in this area of personal development. All lessons and resources meet the UK government’s statutory requirements for RSHE and fulfil the Model Catholic RSE Curriculum by the Catholic Education Service, and we use the superb resources provided by Ten Ten programme ‘Life to the Full’. These lessons present RSE within the school’s ethos and, by opening up the conversation and debate, help students to develop a mature and reflective outlook; students are very much free to question positions different from their own and form their own opinions.

Ten Ten Resources – Resources for Catholic / Christian schools


Lower Seniors (Key Stage 3)

Year 7


Topic Focus
Welcome to Secondary School




Emotional Wellbeing

Welcoming students to Y7 – what to do in terms of worries and concerns at school, FOSIL, Homework, library, time management. This gives students an opportunity to share their worries and concerns so they can be answered and alleviated.


Understanding emotions, bullying, social media, online safety and resilience



Healthy Living



Relationships and Sex Education

First Aid, Body positivity, Drugs/Alcohol education, Nutrition and Healthy eating


Who am I? Healthy inside and out, family and friends, Facts of Life


Careers Unifrog


Year 8
Topic Focus
Emotional Wellbeing




Peer pressure, self-esteem, Mental health, social media, Bereavement, Loss and Grief, bullying


Different careers, communication skills, Debating skills

Relationships and Sex Education


Healthy Living

Created and Chosen, Before I was born, appreciating differences, diversity



Nutrition, Healthy eating, drugs/alcohol education, First Aid, Data Protection

Citizenship Debating skills, democracy, mutual respect, prejudice and discrimination, promoting tolerance


Year 9
Topic Focus
Emotional Wellbeing




Relationships and Sex Education

Resilience, growth mindset, healthy and unhealthy coping strategies (there will be mention of self-harm and eating disorders)


The search for love, fertility and contraception, marriage, In control of my choices, love, honour, cherish





Healthy Living

Options, how to decide which subjects are best for you, careers and future qualifications


Sleep, drugs/alcohol education, domestic abuse, healthy relationships, healthy eating, child sexual exploitation

Citizenship Fake news, digital literacy, impact of the internet and social media

Upper Seniors (Key Stage 4)

Year 10


Topic Focus
Financial Decision making



Managing your finances, bank accounts, savings, economic wellbeing



A Levels, BTECs, CV writing, Work Experience, Unifrog

Healthy Living and Emotional Wellbeing


Relationships and Sex Education

Body language, exercise, drugs/alcohol education





authentic freedom, self-image, parenthood, pregnancy and abortion

Citizenship Radicalism, extremism, fake news, social media



Year 11
Topic Focus
Healthy Living


Emotional Wellbeing and Preparation for exams

CV writing, A Levels vs BTECS, interview practice, apprenticeships, Unifrog, Post-16


Metacognition, revision strategies, how to deal with exam stress, time management, study skills

Relationships and Sex Education


Preparation for GCSEs

Self-worth, addiction, eating disorders, fertility, STIs, pornography, coercive control



Stress management, what to do in the exams, healthy eating and sleep during exams, revision timetables, results day

Sixth Form (Key Stage 5)

The Sixth Form PDC curriculum is closely tailored to the needs of the students in the cohort. There is an emphasis on preparing students for life post-18.

Year 12
Topic Focus
Welcome to Sixth Form


Healthy Living

Study Skills, growth mindset, FOSIL, EPQ skills, A-Level mindset


Drugs education, healthy eating, body image, online safety, driving safety

Relationships and Sex Education


The World in which we live

The meaning of love, trust, healthy relationships, gender equality, consent



Political systems, financial awareness, mortgages, budgeting, bank accounts and credit

Post 18 Careers UCAS, Personal statements, work experience
Year 13


Topic Focus
UCAS and Careers


Relationships and Sex Education

UCAS, personal statements, interview practice, gap years, Unifrog, student finance


Bakhita’s prayer (human trafficking), healthy and unhealthy relationships, safety on a night out, relationships at university

Healthy living and finances


Preparing for A Levels

Drugs/alcohol education, healthy eating at university, savings, how to manage student finances


Stress management, metacognition, revision




The department is supported in the teaching of specialist areas through inviting support agencies in.

  • Action for Children specialise in teaching students about drugs, alcohol and smoking
  • Police deliver sessions on antisocial behaviour, cyber-bullying, scooter safety and ‘run, hide, tell’
  • St John’s Ambulance deliver sessions on First Aid
  • Children’s Dental service deliver sessions on dental health to Year 7
  • Dementia Friendly Guernsey deliver sessions to Sixth Form
  • Chelsea’s Choice is a drama performance based on exploring Child Sexual Exploitation to Year 8
  • Time Out is a drama based performance focsed on exploring drinking and the affects aimed at Year 9

Licence to Kill is a multiagency presentation for Year 11 regarding Road Safety.